For over 15 years Storck has been developing innovative, ground breaking and timeless products which have won numerous tests and design awards. Storck products offer an outstanding balance of longevity, lightweight and strength. The distinctive characteristics of Storck are the continuous re-development of existing technologies, the application of the most modern materials available, plus award winning design. Numerous innovations which are standard features today were developed, patented and introduced by Storck. No other manufacturer takes such intensive care and passion of its products and Storck designs are ageless and never out of date.

Storck RADDAR UK Limited

The company was formed mid 2010 by Ian Hughes. Ian has considerable knowledge and experience of the Cycle and Sporting goods trade over the past 26 years and founded SCOTT Sports SA (UK Ltd) in the UK for the parent Swiss Company. Ian helped establish the SCOTT brand through Sales and distribution from it’s inception in 1994 to a recognized Premium bicycle brand by the time he left the company in 2009 with yearly sales of over 24,000 bikes in the UK.

Since then, Ian looked at the e-bike market in the UK and Europe and found the UK e-bike market underdeveloped and has been supplied with lower quality products from the Far East.

“I felt I could use my knowledge and skills to help grow the e-bike market here and offer premium quality product and first class service. I was aware that Storck Bicycles are a very well respected and Top Quality bicycle brand in Germany. Markus Storck is a true design and engineering genius. His road bikes and mountain bikes are some of the finest in the world. As the e-bike market grew in Germany Markus decided to use his award winning Multitask and Mulitroad hybrid bikes as the base for his pedalec range. Not satisfied with the quality of motors and drive systems offered from the Far East, Markus decided to find his own solution and design and make his own Raddar motors and drive system.”

Whilst establishing Storck Raddar UK Limited, a relationship was developed with Cosworth Engineering. Cosworth were looking at coming into the e-bike market with a view to see if they could offer their technical and engineering skills to form a partnership with an e-bike manufacture to help develop e-bike systems. Representatives of Cosworth met with Markus Storck in Germany, and both like minded companies formed an exciting technical partnership early in 2011.

Ian’s son Trevor joined the company in May 2011 to use his knowledge and academic skills BA (hons) Business with Finance to form a solid company. Trevor also brings valuable experience in communications and marketing from his previous employment in the telecoms industry.

We have selected a small number of high calibre Authorised Storck RADDAR Dealers around the UK who can offer a quality level of sales and technical support if you should need it. Storck RADDAR will be running a number of Demo Days with our Dealers through the season, so you can try for yourself each one of the Strorck RADDAR pedelec bikes. Keep an eye on our Twitter and ‘News’ page for the latest dates and venues.

We look forward to seeing you.